Shuttles Are 
Sanitized After
Every Trip 
Disney Area
Shuttle Service
 Shared Shuttle Service 
From Orlando International Airport ( MCO )
And Airport Hotels.
To Port Canaveral Cruise Terminal.
Only $20.00 Per Person One Way
Only $40.00 Per Person Round Trip

*Private Shuttle Service Available* 
Prices As Low As $15 Per Person
Our Private Shuttles offer transportation from all Orlando area hotels.
Pricing is determined by the number of passengers. 

Flash Sale !!!

Why Choose Us

Free Wifi

Most of our shuttles are equipped with free wifi. Kids, teenagers, and young adults love us for this.

Flight Tracker


We track the flights for all of our passengers, if your flight is delayed we will automatically put you on the next shuttle ride when your flight has arrived.  

Free Car Seats


Most shuttle companies will charge $10 - $15 to use a car seat. Safety is our main goal, we wouldn't charge an adult to use a seat belt, so why charge your children ?

Complimentary Bottle Of Water


We have an ice cold bottle of water with your name on it. 

Unlimited Luggage

We have plenty of luggage space, with Crusie Control Transportation all of your bags ride for free. We will also load and unload your luggage for you. 

Money Back Guarantee 


If you don't receive great customer or an enjoyable ride we will give you a full refund. We will offer a full refund up to 48 hours of any shuttle cancellations with no questions asked.   

No Pre-Paid Gratuities

You wouldn't tip your waiter while you order your food, so why would you tip your shuttle driver while you're booking your shuttle? Most shuttle companies charge 10 - 20 % for gratuities when you book a shuttle ride with their company. Tipping your driver with Crusie Control Transportation is optional, you will get the same awesome customer service no matter what. 

The Price Is Right  


The average price of a shuttle ride from MCO to Port Canaveral Cruise Terminal is $26.00 per person. Our price is only $20.00 per person and we offer so much more than the average transportation service.

OTW Text Message  


You will receive a text message when your shuttle is 30 to 45 minutes away from your location. If you have any questions on where you should be or need a later shuttle just respond back to the text or give us a call.  

Newer Vehicles   


All of our vehicles are 2016 models or newer, that are clean on the inside as well as the outside, with working air condition. 

Pandora Radio  


Everyone loves music, so it was only right to make sure that all of our vehicles have Pandora Radio. 

Limited Passengers Per Vehicles   

Ford Transit Vans are our main vehicles of use, even though they seat twelve passengers we try to limit our shuttles with only ten people per shuttle. There may be times where there are more than ten passengers on our shuttle because of flight delays and early arrivals.  


We're The Most Innovative and Modernized Transportation Company In Orlando. 

 Family owned and operated, Cruise Control Transportation is the most innovative and modernized transportation company in Orlando. We thrive on being the most dependable, friendliest, and safest transportation company in the Orlando area.


 We specialize in transporting passengers to and from Orlando International Airport ( MCO )  to Port Canaveral Cruise Terminal, and Port Canaveral Hotels.



We provide more than just a ride from one destination to the next, we provide a smart shuttle experience. All of our vehicles are equipped with free wifi, cell phone, and iPad chargers. All of our vehicles are 2016 models or newer that are clean with working air condition and Pandora Radio. We track our passenger flights so if your flight gets delayed we will put you on our next shuttle and send you a text alert regarding the flight delay.  





Shared Shuttle Rates

    Shared Shuttle Transportation To And From Orlando International Airport ( MCO ) And Airport Hotels To Port Canaveral Cruise Terminal.
Price Per Person:
 $20 Per Person One Way
 $40 Per Person Round Trip 


Shared Shuttle Times From Orlando International Airport ( MCO ) And Airport Area Hotels To Port Canaveral Cruise Terminal




Pickup times from Port Canaveral Cruise Terminal to Orlando International Airport and Airport area hotels




Private Shuttle Rates

Private Shuttle Ride To And From Orlando International Airport ( MCO ) And Airport Hotels To Port Canaveral Cruise Terminal And Cocoa Beach Hotels.

Price Is Based On The Number Of Passengers 
Your Private Shuttle Will Be At The Airport When you Arrive
24 Hour Service


Private Shuttle Prices To/From Orlando International Airport (MCO) To Port Canaveral Cruise Terminal, and Cocoa Beach Area Hotels  

1-2 People $80

3 People $90

4-5 People $100

6-7 People $120

8-11 People $150

12-14 People $250

* Reserve Your Private Shuttle With Only A 20% Deposit *





















Our Address

121 South Orange Avenue

Suit 1500

Orlando, Florida 32801

Phone  888-416-8830

Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday  

7:00am - 10:00pm